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Privacy Notice

This brings the total www.forexkelias.lt can read privacy policy. What is it? Privacy policy for the us, in order that, once set up, do not use the personal information. Overview is to be known, it is impossible to regard the right end of the response. Everything we read the privacy policy chapters? To content.

In some cases it is necessary to provide some. Newsletter accept, as we? Therefore, we need your e-mail to send you. If the set is clear that we need to address your package www.forexkelias.lt we provide home.

www.forexkelias.lt use your information is only used in research, including customer behavior to improve our services. www.forexkelias.lt without your permission to sell personal information to third parties. Sometimes when it comes to personal information, (a) set lab. Afterpay DHL to deal with your order. In this lab (times), we protect and care must create personal information. Finally, the store personal data stored securely polokelongtshedimosetso it.